GBG Law is a grassroots organisation supporting vulnerable and less wealthy people who have been failed by taxpayer (Government) funded organisations. GBG Law runs a contact centre operated by work from home Volunteers that initially gives advice to people looking for support.

We initially signpost callers to charities and other organisations that are funded before we get involved because we are not funded to the same extent as other organisations. Where appropriate we also refer Clients to Community Legal Advice to assess whether they are entitled to Legal Aid.

We also support taxpayer funded organisations who are willing to improve their services for people who are disproportionately affected by cutbacks and other failings who are prepared to admit that they were wrong.

We are proud not to be Solicitors or Barristers and we are not allowed to give legal advice but we can provide significant support to Clients, subject to our Terms, Conditions and Legal Position.

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Monday - Friday

10am - 6pm

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