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GBG Law offers free support to all Clients and to people contacting us through the Contact Centre, whether by telephone or by Email. When GBG Law allocates a Casework Advocate, we charge the subject of the complaint for our costs. To do this, it is a condition of receiving support from GBG Law that you agree to make a claim against the subject of the complaint for our fees.

Where Clients cooperate fully with claiming back our costs, regardless of whether the complaint subject pays or not, we do not pass on our fees to Clients. Where Clients agree to claim our costs back but later do not, we pass our costs on to the Client directly. Our costs differ depending on whether you are referred and allocated to a McKenzie Friend in GBG Law's McKenzie Friend Team (Stage 3 of our support structure and for people either taking an organisation to Court or who are being taken to Court) or whether your problem is resolved with assistance from a Casework Advocate (Stage 2 of our support structure where Stage 1 is free signposting).

We offset any costs that we are not able to reclaim against donations. We therefore always welcome donations for the support that we provide. GBG Law and Roof's Donations Line can be contacted directly on 03303 501266.

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