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We are not Solicitors or Barristers and we cannot, therefore, give legal advice. Our Clients actually find it reassuring that we are not Solicitors or Barristers and our Community Advocates and McKenzie Friends do have extensive experience of the dire circumstances of our Clients.

Solicitors and Barristers (who are usually instructed by Solicitors on behalf of their Client) often find that they have limited time to spend with Clients where Legal Aid is available in their case. As GBG Law is not a firm of Solicitors, we have the ability to spend more time with our Clients to understand their concerns and the shortcomings of services provided by the government, both locally and nationally and we do as much as we can to ensure that public services change for the better.

We do however encourage and support our Clients with securing the services of Solicitors wherever possible and we support our Clients in attempting to resolve any problems that arise directly with those Solicitors before we can become involved. This makes sense as we can not be considered a replacement. GBG Law will always be here for you if you find that you cannot get support elsewhere. 

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